Mentor Programme.


The success of young people leaving care rests largely on being able to source meaningful and constructive relationships.

Our highly trained mentors are well equip to support and assist through the transition period and on into the future. This is done through a robust 12-18 month program that covers a wide range of areas. For example, life skills, friendships, personal reflection, education, work options and support through all areas of young adulthood.

The need for someone to talk to, someone to listen and help guide decisions is considered to be of utmost importance for the youth transitioning into adulthood.

Our mentors under go vigorous screening and training in preparation to assist these youth to start their new life with hope and direction.

Partnering with Living Wholeness, we can be sure our mentors are aware of complex needs of some of our clients and are trained and supported to help build relationships to benefit all people involved.