Volunteer to Mentor.


Mentoring is a highly important part of Jubilee House and is key to us achieving our goals.

To do this we need passionate people of any age and gender to sign up as a volunteer.

As a mentor with Jubilee House you will receive quality training and assistance to ensure you are equipped to share and build relationships with these young people. You will be greatly blessed by the relationships you build and have life long friends as a result.

As a mentor you will also have access to professional counsellors if needed to help you handle what could be a difficult role. You will be able to off load in confidentiality and a professional environment.

Please understand that mentoring is no small task, the expected commitment will vary depending on the role and young person you are assigned to. However, we envision that it would require weekly commitment of approximately 1-2hrs (this can be fulfilled at any time to suit you) at the start of a mentoring process and the frequency may reduce as the programme continues. There is also a 2-3day training course, which will take place from a Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday Afternoon.

All people applying to be a mentor MUST have an entry interview prior to training. Training must also be completed prior to mentoring commencement.

Volunteering with us means that you will need a criminal history check, this does not however mean you will not be accepted as we understand that many people with a history have great ability to help and advise these young people.

You will also be required to have a ‘Blue Card’ and/or a ‘Yellow Card’ (if you do not have this, it can be applied for through Jubilee House).

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Have you ever been investigated, arrested, reported for or pleaded or found guilty of any criminal offence including traffic offences (not including parking infringments) *
Have you ever been dismissed or resigned from any employment or a volunteer role in response to or following allegations of improper conduct? *
Have you ever been the subject of allegations or an investigation or any other process relating to alleged misconduct by you as a volunteer or an employee? *
Have you ever been refused a child related employment screening or working with children check in any Australian juristriction? *
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