New Hope, New Beginning, New Life.


Jubilee House is an independent, non-denominational organisation working to show Gods love and restoration through providing physical, emotional and spiritual support. I am proud of, our Christ Centred approach to restoration of one of our most marginalised groups of young people here in Australia.

Our journey to build Jubilee House has been not just over the past few years but a life time of seeing Gods restoration power.

Over almost eight years of providing foster care to young people ranging from emergency placements, short term and long term placements and respite, raised concerns about the statistics for the young people transitioning from care. I was sad to discover that their chances were not improving but the odds were actually stacked against them statistically.

The realization that these young people needed more than is currently available to them led to the establishment of Jubilee House. An organisation that would be able to offer a ‘New Hope’ a ‘New Beginning’ and a ‘New Life’ to young persons who have experienced “out of home” care.

Our mission, to provide housing and mentoring, along with being able to assist with education, training and employment. This will aid in reducing homelessness, crime, drug and alcohol dependency and reduce the cost to tax payers over the life time of our young people.

The lives of our young people are far to valuable to allow them to slip into a destructive cycle of hopelessness and destruction. Our young people need our help to step up, to find their feet and a positive direction in life.

Phillip Krueger
Managing Director.